The Glossa ordinaria

Project leader: Alexander Andrée

Conceived and executed in the late eleventh and early twelfth centuries, the Glossa ordinaria exerted a tremendous influence on generations of students. Its practical importance as a tool for a quick and authoritative understanding of the Bible cannot be underestimated. Despite this, the Glossa has never been critically edited, save for two small portions, the Gloss on the Song of Songs and the forewords and first book of the Gloss on Lamentations (Dove 1997 and Andrée 2005).

The aim of the present project concerns developing methods to edit glossed books in general and the Gloss on the Bible in particular. This will be achieved through editorial work on the Gloss on the Gospel of John. This text was chosen first because it was one of the most popular and most read books; second, its sources are particularly intricate and may reveal important information on the methods of exegesis at the school of Laon; and third, its compiler was allegedly Master Anselm of Laon himself.