Many Local Versions

Project leader: Gunilla Iversen

I – Liturgical poetry tied to Gloria in excelsis


Additional lyrics inserted into all the Chants of the Mass, called tropes, came to constitute a separate branch of medieval imaginative and theological hermeneutics. The texts to be edited in the Ars edendi project consists in tropes and prosulas added to Chant Gloria in excelsis. By its mere length, this Chant provides a large number of ”points of insertion”, where trope verses could be inserted. The variations, not only in readings, but also in number, order and exact position, are great from one manuscript, one tradition, to another. The manuscript material consists of more than 130 manuscripts dating from the ninth to the thirteenth centuries and from all parts of the former Carolingian Empire.
A primary aim is to elaborate solid editorial methods adapted to texts existing in many local versions, and establish a text edition of the medieval Gloria Chant in all its various textual shapes. The planned edition will make this cultural heritage accessible to other scholars and the methods established in connection could act as useful models for editions of other similar text genres.

II – La Parole chantée dans la culture liturgique au Moyen Âge

Studies on text and music in interaction carried through in co-operation with Prof. M.-N. Colette, Paris, and prof. Pascale Bourgain, editor of the series Témoins de notre Histoire, Brepols.
The work entails a series of double studies on the interaction between text and melody in various medieval liturgical genres. Questions on the function of the music in this context and of the mere act of singing as literary theme are being analysed in different chapters, as well as various compositional methods used by the medieval composers.
The volume will further include an edition of text and music from particular intended performances as presented in manuscript sources. To make this fascinating material accessible to a wider public the volume is planned to be accompanied by a CD.