A Full Lectionary

Project leader: Brian Møller Jensen

Books used for the recitation of lessons in the Divine Office may appropriately be classified as liturgical texts. Although these naturally were very widespread in the Middle Ages, only a limited number of such manuscripts have been preserved, mostly in different local versions. In such a case, a viable scholarly alternative to producing a critical edition is to offer access to a modified diplomatic edition of a complete collection of lessons. The present project will thus focus on the liturgical tradition and usage of a single diocese in a particular period by editing the full lectionary of the cathedral of Piacenza from the second part of the 12th century, i.e. ca. 1350 folios or 2700 pages included in the four manuscripts, no. 60-63 in Biblioteca Capitolare in Piacenza.

Such an edition will provide scholars with an instrument for further studies in various fields of medieval research as the Latin language and literature, biblical exegesis, liturgy, theology, hagiography, the history of ideas, and Latin translations of Greek texts.