Model Sermon Collections

Project leader: Eva Odelman

Among the medieval model text collections we find formularies for diplomas, handbooks of letter-writing, exercises of rhetoric, “artes poeticae”. In the case of preachers, various tools were produced, such as theoretical handbooks, Bible dictionaries, “summae” of virtues and vices, collections of illustrative stories or “exempla”, and model sermons. The last-mentioned genre became the most influential and has in fact been called the mass medium of the Middle Ages.

The problems of editing such sermon collections lie mainly in the large number of textual witnesses as well as in their size and unstable character due to constant revision. It is the aim of the present project to make a ‘semi-critical’ edition of the 13th century collection ‘Sermones moralissimi de tempore’ by the French Franciscan Nicolaus de Aquaevilla.

The edition will be based on an influential and wide-spread version represented by an incunable belonging to Uppsala University Library (UUB 35b:19). The text will be accompanied by a critical apparatus containing variants from three manuscripts. This project was prepared by two previous projects financed by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation.