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Ars edendi Lectures

Peter Robinson (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)
“The digital revolution in textual scholarship”
9/12 2014

Glenn W. Most (University of Chicago, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa)
“What is a Critical Edition?”
22/9 2014

Marjorie Curry Woods (University of Texas, Austin)
“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Manuscript Framing, Formatting and Highlighting as Paratextual Commentary”
2/6 2014

Richard Janko (University of Michigan)
“How to reconstruct and edit a Herculaneum papyrus: a practical demonstration”
28/4 2014

Charalambos Dendrinos and Philip Taylor (University of London)
“Ars computistica ancilla artis editionum: modern IT in the service of editors of (Greek) texts”
3/4 2014

Dr. Stefan Hagel (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)
“Ancient Greek Music: Reconstructing sound?”
28/8 2013

Charles Atkinson (Ohio State university)
“The Sanctus and Agnus Dei of the Roman Mass, with their Tropes: the Odyssey of an Edition”
4/4 2013

Giovanni Paolo Maggioni (Università degli studi del Molise)
“Editing Errors! The presence of authorial and editorial errors in original texts.”
20/11 2012

Mariken Teeuwen (Huygens Institute, The Hague, Netherlands)
“Writing in the Blank Space of Manuscripts: the Ninth Century”
22/10 2012

Frank Coulson (Ohio State University, USA)
“The Editing of Medieval Latin Commentaries on the Classics: Problems and Perspectives”
27/9 2012

John Duffy (Harvard University)
“Joys and Challenges of Editing Greek Rhythmical Prose: the Case of Sophronius of Jerusalem”
25/5 2012

Michael Winterbottom (University of Oxford)
“Moving the Goal Posts: The Re-writing of Medieval Latin Prose Texts”
26/4 2012

Mats Dahlström (University of Borås)
“Editing Libraries”
8/3 2012

William Flynn (University of Leeds, England):
“Liturgical Ductus and Editorial Practice”
7/6 2011

Diether Roderich Reinsch (Freie Universität, Berlin)
“What to do as an editor with a text like Michael Psellos, Chronographia?”
2/5 2011

Caroline Macé (K. U. Leuven):
“Is textual criticism a science? Drawing the phylogenetic tree of a manuscript tradition. The case of Florilegium Coislinianum”
6/12 2010

Michael W. Herren (York University and Centre for Medieval Studies):
“Is the Author Really Better than His Scribes? – Problems in Editing Pre-Carolingian Texts”
21/9 2010

David d’Avray (University College, London):
“Editing Medieval Texts: the Problem of Contamination”
3/9 2010

Elizabeth Jeffreys (University of Oxford):
“Tapestries of quotation: the challenges of editing Byzantine texts”
7/6 2010

Pascale Bourgain (Ecole nationale des Chartes, Sorbonne):
“Stylistique comme instrument de travail pour l’édition des textes”
20/5 2010

Nicole Bériou (Université Lumière Lyon 2 et CIHAM):
“A challenge for the editors of Medieval Latin Texts: Do written sermons represent an accurate documentation for research on preaching during the Middle Ages?”
11/2 2010

Peter Stotz (University of Zurich):
“Research on Early Medieval Rhythmical Poetry: Some Results and Some Problems”
2/11 2009

Timothy Janz (Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana):
“In Search of the Lost Scribes: A Numerical Approach to Greek Paleography”
8/6 2009

Jan Ziolkowski (Harvard University and Dumbarton Oaks):
“From Script to Print, From Print to Bytes, and From Latin to Vernacular: De laude scriptorum”
21/8 2008

Nigel Wilson (University of Oxford):
“Future tasks for editors”
12/5 2008


Ars edendi Seminars

Peter Robinson (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)
“Introducing Textual Communities”
10/12 2014

Glenn W. Most (University of Chicago, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa)
“Editing the Presocratics”
23/9 2014

Marjorie Curry Woods (University of Texas, Austin), Justin Haynes (University of Toronto) and Robin Wahlsten Böckerman (Stockholm University)
“Medieval Commentaries and Classical Poetry – and vice versa”
4/6 2014

Hugo Lundhaug (University of Oslo)
“The Nag Hammadi Codices as Monastic Books”
Richard Janko (University of Michigan)
“‘Freedom of thought and freedom of religion in the Athens of Socrates’. Reflections on the Derveni papyrus”
29/4 2014

Charalambos Dendrinos and Philip Taylor (University of London)
“Ars edendi & ars computistica: technological responses to editorial challenges in the early 21st century”
4/4 2014

Dr. Stefan Hagel (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)
“An introduction to ‘Classical Text Editor’”.
27/8 2013

Charles Atkinson (Ohio State University), Gerda Wolfram (Univerity of Vienna) and Gunilla Iversen (Stockholm University)
“The Melodic Tradition of the Doxa in the West. On the state of Research on the Missa graeca in the Roman Mass” (CA)
“The Byzantine Tradition of the Great Doxology” (GW)
Professor Gunilla Iversen: “A Proposed Text Edition of Doxa en ipsistis” (GI)
5/4 2013

Gunilla Iversen (Stockholm University), Nina Maria Wanek (University of Vienna) and Brian M. Jensen (Stockholm University)
“Ars edendi: Introduction” (GI)
“The Greek and Latin Cheroubikon” (NMW)
“Hugo Eterianus’ Greek and Latin versions of De sancto et immortali Deo” (BMJ)
4/4 2013

Giovanni Paolo Maggioni (Università degli studi del Molise) and Brian M Jensen (Stockholm university)
“Editing hagiographical texts. Cases of normal exceptionality” (PGM)
“Saving Antoninus’ Victory: Editing local hagiographical lectiones” (BMJ)
21/11 2012

R. Bracht Branham (Emory University)
“Nietzsche as Educator: The Uses and Disadvantages of Classics for Life”
7/6 2012

John Burke (University of Melbourne)
“Digital Alchemy: adding value in an electronic edition of the 12th century illustrated manuscript ‘Madrid Skylitzes’”
24/10 2011

“Challenges in editing text with music – Examples from tropes and prosulas to Gloria in excelsis, and other medieval lyrics”
Professor emerita Gunilla Iversen (Stockholm, Sweden) with participation from professor William Flynn (Leeds), dr. Jane Flynn (Leeds) and Nils Holger Petersen (Copenhagen).
8/6 2011

“Michael Psellos, Chronographia. Some special textual problems.”
Prof. Diether Roderich Reinsch, Berlin, Germany
“Flagellum Dei: Attila, Andreas Darmarios and a critical edition of Priscus from Panion.”
Dr. Pia Carolla, Roma, Italy
“Imprimatur? Unconventional punctuation and diacritics in mss of mediaeval Greek philosophical works.”
Dr. Börje Bydén, Stockholm, Sweden
3/2 2011

Stephan Borgehammar (Lund University, Sweden)
“The Editor Learns Humility. Pragmatic solutions to problems encountered in dealing with pre-Carolingian hagiography”
25/2 2011


Ars edendi Workshops

“Fragments and commentaries”

27-28/8 2015

Denis Searby (Stockholm University)

James R. Royse (San Francisco State University)

Sarah Hendriks (Centro Internazionale per lo Studio dei Papiri Ercolanesi, Naples)

Erik Bohlin (University of Gothenburg)

S. Douglas Olson (University of Minnesota)

Vayos Liapis (Open University of Cyprus)

Patrick Finglass (University of Nottingham)

Benjamin Millis (University of Oxford)

“Editing libraries – libraries and critical editors”
Mats Dahlström (Borås), Otfried Czaika (Stockholm), Krister Östlund (Uppsala)
8/3 2012

7-8/6 2012, Newman Institute, Uppsala

Denis Searby (Stockholm University)
R. Bracht Branham (Emory University)
Lillian Larsen (University of Redlands)
Tiziano Dorandi (CNRS, Paris)
David Westberg (Uppsala University)
Henrik Rydell Johnsén (Lund University)
Ute Pietruschka (Göttingen)
Elvira Wakelnig (University of Vienna)
Christoph Storz, (University of Vienna)
Chiara Faraggiana (University of Bologna)
Samuel Rubensson (Lund University)
Charlotte Roueché (KCL)
Måns Bylund (Uppsala University)
Anna Jordanous (KCL)
Charlotte Tupman (KCL)

A Book of Psalms from Eleventh-Century Constantinope: On the Complex of Texts and Images in Vat. gr. 752
11-12/6 2012, Rome, Italy

Gunilla Iversen, Stockholm
Mons. Cesare Pasini, Vatican Library
Barbara Crostini, Stockholm
Mati Meyer, Jerusalem
Cecily Hilsdale, Montreal
Maja Kominko, London
Susan Gillingham, Oxford
Erik Varden, Sant’Anselmo
Dirk Krausmueller, Mardin
Francesco D’Aiuto, Roma
Augusta Acconcia Longo, Roma
Georgi Parpulov, Oxford
Nicolette Trahoulia, Athens
Reinhardt Ceulemans, Leuven and Göttingen
Sever Voicu, Vatican Library
Maria Antonietta Barbara, Messina
Stefano Tampellini, Bologna
Timothy Janz, Vatican Library