Alessandra Bucossi


Research Project

The Sacred Arsenal by Andronikos Kamateros

Curriculum Vitae

Alessandra received her DPhil from Oxford University in 2006 with a dissertation in Byzantine Philology under the supervision of Professor E. M. Jeffreys. Previously she had been awarded a Master of Arts from King’s College London in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies (2001) and a Laurea in Lettere Classiche from the Università di Genova, Italy (1999). During the academic year 2007-2008 she spent nine months in Dumbarton Oaks Research Centre (Washington, D.C.) as a Byzantine Fellow. Since October 2008, she has been part of the Ars edendi research program, first as a visiting scholar and at present as a research fellow.

Research interests

Textual criticism and palaeography with special interest in theological texts
Byzantine history with special interest in church history (IX-XV c.)


Books (forthcoming)

  1. Critical edition of the Sacred Arsenal (ερ πλοθήκηSacrum Armamentarium) by Andronikos Kamateros for Brepols Publishers, Corpus Christianorum Series Graeca. Manuscript submission: September 2011
  2. English translation of the Sacred Arsenal by Andronikos Kamateros for Liverpool University Press, Translated Texts for Byzantinists. Manuscript submission: December 2011

Articles and papers accepted for publication

  1. ‘Dibattiti teologici alla corte di Manuele Comneno’ in Atti del Congresso “Vie per Bisanzio”, 25-28/11/2009, Venezia (Italy) – Università Ca’ Foscari: VII Congresso Nazionale dell’Associazione Italiana di Studi Bizantini, ed. A. Rigo
  2. Dialogues and anthologies of the Sacred Arsenal by Andronikos Kamateros: sources, arrangements, purposes’ in Proceedings of the conference “Encyclopaedic Trends in Byzantium”, Leuven, 6-8/05/2009, ed. C. Macé and P. Van Deun, series Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta (Peeters, Leuven)
  3. ‘The Sacred Arsenal by Andronikos Kamateros: using Biblical quotations as a rhetorical tool’ in Reading in Byzantium and Beyondcollection of papers for Elizabeth and Michael Jeffreys, ed. I. Toth, N. Gaul, T. Shawcross (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge)
  4. ‘Andronico Camatero e la zizzania: sulla politica ecclesiastica bizantina in età comnena’ in Ortodossia ed eresia a Bisanzio (sec. IX-XII), Atti della IX Giornata di studio dell’Associazione Italiana di Studi Bizantini, Pontificio Istituto Orientale, Roma, 5-6/12/2008, ed. F. Burgarella, F. D’Aiuto, V. Ruggieri, series Orientalia Christiana Analecta (Roma)

Published articles and papers

  1. ‘Ἐκ e διά: la processione dello Spirito Santo tra il XII ed il XIII secolo, spunti di riflessione’, Porphyra 13/2, 2009, Online Journal, pp. 4-12
  2. ‘New historical evidence for the dating of the Sacred Arsenal by Andronikos Kamateros’, Revue des Études Byzantines 67, 2009, pp. 111-130
  3. ‘George Skylitzes’ dedicatory verses for the Sacred Arsenal by Andronikos Kamateros and the Codex Marcianus Graecus 524’, Jahrbuch der Österreichischen Byzantinistik 59, 2009, pp. 37-50
  4. ‘The Sacred Arsenal by Andronikos Kamateros, a forgotten treasure’ in Byzantine theologians. The systematization of their own doctrine and their perception of foreign doctrines, edited A. Rigo and  P. Ermilov, Roma, Università di Roma -Tor Vergata, 2009 (Quaderni di Nea Rhome, 3), pp. 33-50
  5. ‘The Sacred Arsenal by Andronikos Kamateros: text and context’, in Proceedings of the 21st International Congress of Byzantine Studies, London, 21–26 August, 2006, 3. Abstracts of communications, ed. E. Jeffreys and J. Gilliland (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2006), pp. 225–226