Brian Moeller Jensen


Research Project

Lectionary to the Divine Office: A modified diplomatic version

Curriculum vitae

Associate professor in Latin at Stockholm University, with an MA in Classical Philology at Århus Univ. (DK) and a PhD in Theology (Church History) at Copenhagen Univ. (DK).  He is Ars Edendi”s representative in CARMEN (Co-operative for the Advancement of Research in a Medieval European Network).

Besides numerous studies on medieval liturgical poetry, mariology and hagiography, he has published the commentary to the facsimile of the Piacentinan Liber Magistri and a monograph on its repertory of tropes and sequences as well as the first complete Danish translation of the Rule of Benedict and studies on Cicero”s speech Pro Caelio.

Research interests

His main field of research is the medieval literature with focus on the Ribaldus-collection of liturgical sources in Biblioteca Capitolare in Piacenza, liturgical poetry and hagiography in Italian sources, the writings of Peter the Venerable on Islam, and the 14th cent. North-Italian Dialogus creaturarum moralizatus.

His scholarly interest also includes classical poetry and rhetoric (Catullus and Roman love elegy, Cicero”s speeches and rhetorical works, expressions of exile, the fable as a literary genre) as well as the use of Latin in the comedies of Ludvig Holberg, and the poetry of Jim Morrison and the American beat generation.

Selected bibliography


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