Barbara Crostini


Research Project

An on-line critical edition of Psalter Vaticanus graecus 752: matching verbal and visual commentaries

Curriculum Vitae

Barbara gained her doctorate in Byzantine Studies at Oxford with a thesis on the Katechetikon of Paul of Evergetis, in close collaboration with the British Academy Evergetis Project at the Queen’s University of Belfast. She gained much experience in palaeography and codicology by working as a cataloguer of Greek manuscripts at the Bodleian Library. In 2010 she prepared a catalogue of Greek manuscripts collection at Trinity College Dublin with sponsorship from the Long Room Hub. The catalogue will be shortly available online with complete digital images of the codices. As member of the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Trinity she organized the European Science Foundation workshop, ‘Convivencia in Byzantium? Cultural Exchanges in a Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Cultural Society’, attended by 21 international scholars.

Research interests

  • Middle-Byzantine monasticism
  • preaching and exegesis
  • interaction between text and image on the manuscript page
  • intercultural exchanges between Jews, Muslims and Christians


Selected Bibliography

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