Catena to the Greek Psalter

Project leader: Barbara Crostini

Psalter Vaticanus graecus 752 was copied in 1059 at Constantinople and illuminated with over 200 miniatures in 500 folios. Besides the text of the Psalms, a commentary (or catena) was created for this manuscript with excerpts from the works of Hesychius of Jerusalem and other church fathers. This project aims at relating this text, here studied for the first time in detail, to the accompanying miniatures. As this manuscript was produced shortly after the schism of 1054, its message is very probably related to the political and ecclesiastical controversies around that event, and therefore deserves closer attention than it has received until now.

In consultation with the Prefect of the Vatican Library, two are the proposed outputs of this project. An Ars edendi workshop on the Psalter with contributions of scholars from different disciplines (palaeography, art-history, theology, biblical studies) will result in an edited volume in the series Studi e Testi. Subsequently, the digital version of the manuscript will be available on a web-site (hosted by the Vatican Library and linked to the University of Stockholm) linked to the transcriptions of the text of the Psalter and to an edition and translation of its catena commentary, accompanied by appropriate pages of commentary.
A printed version of the edition of the catena text, with its apparatus fontium, and a critical edition of Hesychius of Jerusalem’s commentaries on the Psalter are also planned.